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Social Media

Today, we cannot imagine our lives without apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the likes. Their far-reaching scope makes them an indispensable tool for the growth of a business. Using them wisely can help the business connect and engage with their clients and potential customers, helping form a relationship of trust. There are big numbers that claim the efficacy of social media platforms in terms of visibility and building a connection with the audience. While approximately 70% of Facebook users say that they follow brands on the platform, IG has the number set at a whopping 90%. Twitter users feel cared for if their tweets have been replied to by the brands in question. In today’s age and time, if a business fails to leverage Social Media platforms, they are certainly lagging in reach and growth.

Social Media

So, how can you make the most out of various social media channels? We at RMS offer you unique social media marketing services in Tacoma WA that are based on extensive steps involving research. We start with a complete competition analysis along with building a buyer’s persona – the two integral steps towards the formation of an effective content strategy. We believe in consistency with posting for high engagement assurance. A dedicated Social Media account manager allocated to you by RMS social media marketing agency in Tacoma will check your accounts daily, monitoring the performance and interactions on the posts. We also do regular paid social media campaigns in Washington for an instant road to success.

Extensive research helps us create multiple funnels that we utilize to reach various categories of clients. We provide you easy to comprehend monthly reports for social media performance that can help monitor your ROI. Another major reason why you should have us by your side is that we do not stop after providing you with a strategy. We perform regular audits and suggest improvements that can help grow the ROI on advertisement via these channels.

Bird’s Eye View of Our SMM Tailored for You

  • Strategy & analysis
  • Creating organic reach
  • Paid social media campaigns
  • Data-driven reporting
  • Regular audits & improvement suggestions
  • Consulting services