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Regas's Bio

Regas Sager
-Sales and Business Growth Professional
Since 1998 I have been assisting, troubleshooting, collaborating and problem solving SMB’s digital and marketing needs. I understand that business owners and C-level executives are busy and they need an expert that will help them understand the changing tides of digital marketing. 
After working for USWest, DexMedia, Ziplocal and iLocal, I decided to open up my own digital marketing agency for the following reasons: 
* SMB’s grossly over paying for websites and marketing 
* SMB’s not getting full transparency in reporting 
* SMB’s not receiving good customer service 
I took all of these things to heart and started Relevant Marketing Solutions. Providing quality expert work with full transparency and strong customer service for “Reaching the Masses” is our strength. We are small but we are dedicated and committed so seeing all of the projects through completion with fully satisfied clients. 
Educational background includes a BS in Accounting and Management from Griffin Business College in 1993. 
If you’re tired of marketing agencies giving you the business and you want straight talk, call Relevant Marketing Solutions.