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Growing the online business organically in today’s age and time is a time-taking process. Gaining visibility and earning revenue on the go by relying on other popular tools is the mantra today. Pay-per-click or PPC services in Tacoma, a form of internet marketing where the advertiser is charged a small fee every time somebody lands on their page after clicking on the said ad. Whether you are new to the world of PPC marketing or you already know about it and want to implement it for the growth of your business, you have landed at the right place. We are RMS – your go-to PPC Management agency in Tacoma for all online marketing solutions.

Pay Per Click

While this is no rocket science, there is still a lot of strategizing and understanding that goes into creating fruitful, result-oriented PPC campaigns, which we at RMS help you with. We start with creating and maintaining a smooth cross-channel experience for your end-user. The PPC management at RMS includes, but is not limited to, search ads, social media advertising, Amazon PPC, Google shopping ads, marketplace advertising, et al. Right kind of targeting, tracking, measuring, and optimizing results on all these platforms helps our clients with an increase in leads, sales, and revenue – the end goal of their business.

Today, almost everybody with a business has jumped into the game of online presence. This has led to a spike in CPC (Cost Per Click). This means that just a higher number of leads is no more relevant. What’s relevant is the quality of leads that ensures a higher percentage of potential customers. We ensure relevant lead quality management by focusing on data-driven optimization, from content to bid adjustments, for a higher return on ad spend. We create and relentlessly test compelling copy that brings together targeted keywords, and an engaging shopping experience to ensure consistent growth in sales.

Our Strategy for Refined PPC Management

  • Find best target keywords as per goal defined
  • Leverage negative keywords
  • Fine-tune your targeting
  • Select the right landing pages
  • Create multiple ad groups & optimize ads
  • Optimize your bids
  • Run a remarketing campaign
  • Track your conversions
  • Use A/B testing & arrive at the best-suited practice