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15 Biggest SEO Trends to look for in 2023

Technology changes with the changing environment. Now speed is the main factor. Google suggest that SEO is very important as the algorithm are changing at a very fast pace. There must be regular updates so that site can maintain its status. Nowadays customers search from their phones and want the information immediately.

Most people do the search from their phones and end up doing the inquiry and the purchase of the product. They expect pages loads quickly and they are looking for a local SEO strategy which is why google plays a very important role. Google SEO trends help to bring maximum traffic to the website. There are many Best Tacoma SEO agencies that are providing strategies for the optimization of web pages.


Here Are The 15 SEO Trends For 2023

Adjust To Automation

The business environment is very dynamic and changes every time. There will be more automation in SEO due to Artificial Intelligence. AI help in solving complicated procedures and having better business analysis. The market analysis becomes easier as there is huge data present related to the consumers and the competitors.


Significance of Passage Indexing

A new feature of google that made the passage at the top of the search depends on the query of the users. This helps the reader that they want to read that article or not. Long-term articles are benefitted from it.



E.A.T refers to the Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Through these google want to provide relevant information to its searchers. Now people google everything to search for any product or to buy any product. So, google makes sure that they are providing the relevant information or not. There must be expertise when a person publishes anything. For ex- If a person does not have expertise in healthcare and person is publishing blogs. There is no chance that these blogs will rank higher. Also, depending on the trust on the website. Trust depends in the consumer feedback or the protocols one website must use.


Focus On Your Customer Experience

This totally depends on the webmasters and how they want that their customer looks at their website. Any business wants to know how the customer is perceiving is their products and services. Either you can only provide the information to the customers and customers only want to see some customers search to find specific information and some want to purchase the goods from the website.


Significance of Mobile Search

Now mobile searches are increasing in comparison to computer searches. Many of the potential customers reach through mobile phones. Your website must be mobile-friendly and provide relevant information and load quickly.


Develop Quality Content

If the website has quality content, then the user visits that website again and again. Quality is the main concern of end users. Either businesses can go for long-term content or either they can go for short-term content. In developing quality content, the Tacoma SEO company provides various creative content.


Advance Brand SERP

Brand SERP means how a company presents to users who search by putting their brand name. The conversion rate also depends on this. Schemes must be present on the landing pages. Providing accurate information to the searchers that what your company is providing and what discount the company is offering.


Add Videos To Your Content

Videos give a visual presence and today’s generation loves to see the visual appearance rather than the theoretical appearance. Videos bring more traffic and more conversion and your website also ranks high in the SEO.


Enhance Voice Search

Nowadays people do not want to type they speak their queries and want to search. People speak in a natural way when they search rather than tying the keywords.


Competition Analysis

The company must know what is their target audience and which channels it must target. One way to know your target audience is by doing an analysis of the competitors. A competitive analysis made us understand how that industry work. Customer strategy must include customer retention.


Work On Structured Data

Through the structured data, one can increase the football on the website and make understand google as well that what is the purpose behind the website and what products and services the company is providing.


Enhance Through YouTube Videos

The company can also use YouTube videos to enhance its page on the website. This will lead to an increase more visibility and leads to an increase more conversions.


Enhance Core Web Vitals

Google wants that webmasters must provide a good experience to their users and relevant data. If a person visits your website, again and again, means you are providing relevant data. That leads to ranking high on your website.


Execute Relevant Strategies

Thinking out of the box is very necessary. Grabbing the opportunities at the right time made the company a win situation. Use tools, and platforms to understand different factors.


Long term content

The content must be relevant to the searchers and must be accessible to its users. They can follow E.A.T as well and now long content is published to explain in detail.

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